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We offer a wide range of care and support to our patients, from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

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Our goal is to deliver quality of care in a courteous, respectful, and compassionate manner. We hope you will allow us to care for you and to be the first and best choice for healthcare.

We will work with you to develop individualised care plans, including management of diseases. We are committed to being the region’s premier healthcare network providing patient centered care that inspires service excellence.

Providing Care for The Sickest In Community.

Medcity has been present in Europe since 1990, offering innovative solutions, specializing in medical services for treatment of medical infrastructure. With over 100 professionals actively participates in numerous initiatives aimed at creating sustainable change for patients!

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Tai Mũi Họng

Chuyên Khoa Tai Mũi Họng tại phòng khám Thành Công Lào Cai, thăm khám và điều trị các bệnh như khám nội soi tai mũi.
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Chuyên Khoa Nội Nhi

Chuyên thăm khám các bệnh lý về nhi khoa Lào Cai, Khám và kiếm tra tổng thể sức khỏe. Phòng khám đầy đủ năng lực.
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Chuyên Khoa Mắt

Điều trị các bệnh lý về mắt, cận thị, viễn thị & loạn thị, đục thủy tinh thể, viêm kết mạc...Kính mắt thẩm mỹ tại.
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Serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health. We put protocols to protect our patients and staff while continuing to provide medically necessary care. Contact Us For More Information

Committed To Build A Positive, Safe, Patient Focused Culture.

Today the hospital is recognised as a world renowned institution, not only providing outstanding care and treatment, our goal is to deliver quality care in a respectful & compassionate manner. We strive to be the first and best choice for healthcare.

Only Qualified

Cutting Edge

High Medical

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

BS. Tô Minh Hùng

Bác sĩ chuyên khoa ngoại tiết niệu, nam học.  
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BS. Lưu Đức Vượng

Chuyên môn chuyên ngành đoán hình ảnh, siêu âm.
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BS. Lê Thuỳ Linh

Bác sĩ với chuyên môn, kỹ thuật nhiều năm thăm khám khám Nhi – tiêm chủng – buồng cấp cứu và chẩn đoán hình ảnh tại…
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